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Retinol Cream, Vitamin K, 15gr, Microret K

Retinol Cream, Vitamin K, 15gr, Microret K
SKU #:Retinol Cream, Vitamin K, 15gr, Microret K
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Retinol Cream, Vitamin K, 15gr, Microret K

Vitamin K Cream (Retinol Topical) recovers the natural tone of the skin around the eyes, when favoring the elimination of the periorbitaria hyperpigmentation (ring under the eye) and gradually the fine lines of expression and wrinkles (ritidez), caused by crono and fotoenvejecimiento, and of other aggressions of the environment, besides offering to smoothness and freshness to the skin, without leaving sensation greasy. The microsponges are microspheres of synthetic polymers that contain retinol in their interior, made with more the high tech. The microsponges present/display a system of controlled
liberation, that allows a maintained therapeutic effect, increasing their effectiveness and its profile of security, falling the possibility of irritativos effects and cutaneous intolerance. Vitamin K Cream (Retinol Topical) may also be used for purposes other than those listed here.

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