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Humalog 100 U.I. FA 10ml

Humalog 100 U.I. FA 10ml
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Humalog® 100 IU/1mL is an insulin analog that is indicated in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus for the control of hyperglycemia. Humalog® has a more rapid onset and a shorter duration of action than Regular human insulin. Therefore, in patients with type 1 diabetes, Humalog® should be used in regimens that include a longer–acting insulin. However, in patients with type 2 diabetes, Humalog® may be used without a longer–acting insulin when used in combination therapy with sulfonylurea agents.

Humalog® may be used in an external insulin pump, but should not be diluted or mixed with any other insulin when used in the pump

Humalog® is intended for subcutaneous administration, including use in select external insulin pumps. Dosage regimens of Humalog® will vary among patients and should be determined by the healthcare provider familiar with the patient's metabolic needs, eating habits, and other lifestyle variables. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies showed Humalog® to be equipotent to Regular human insulin (i.e., one unit of Humalog® has the same glucose-lowering effect as one unit of Regular human insulin), but with more rapid activity. The quicker glucose-lowering effect of Humalog® is related to the more rapid absorption rate from subcutaneous tissue. An adjustment of dose or schedule of basal insulin may be needed when a patient changes from other insulin to Humalog®, particularly to prevent pre-meal hyperglycemia.

When used as a meal-time insulin, Humalog® should be given within 15 minutes before or immediately after a meal. Regular human insulin is best given 30 to 60 minutes before a meal. To achieve optimal glucose control, the amount of longer–acting insulin being given may need to be adjusted when using Humalog®.

The rate of insulin absorption and consequently the onset of activity are known to be affected by the site of injection, exercise, and other variables. Humalog® was absorbed at a consistently faster rate than Regular human insulin in healthy male volunteers given 0.2 U/kg Regular human insulin or Humalog® at abdominal, deltoid, or femoral sites, the three sites often used by patients with diabetes.

When not mixed in the same syringe with other insulin, Humalog® maintains its rapid onset of action and has less variability in its onset of action among injection sites compared with Regular human insulin. After abdominal administration, Humalog® concentrations are higher than those following deltoid or thigh injections. Also, the duration of action of Humalog® is slightly shorter following abdominal injection, compared with deltoid and femoral injections. As with all insulin preparations, the time course of action of Humalog® may vary considerably in different individuals or within the same individual.

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