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Acivir Cream

Acivir Cream
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Acivir Cream


Generic: Acyclovir 

Acivir is manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals Limited, India. Acyclovir cream is used to treat cold sores (fever blisters; blisters that are caused by a virus called
herpes simplex) on the face or lips.

Acyclovir ointment is used to treat first
outbreaks of genital herpes (a herpes virus infection that causes sores to form
around the genitals and rectum from time to time) and to treat certain types of
sores caused by the herpes simplex virus in people with weak immune systems.
Acyclovir is in a class of antiviral medications called synthetic nucleoside
analogues. It works by stopping the spread of the herpes virus in the body.

Acyclovir does not cure cold sores or genital herpes, does not prevent outbreaks
of these conditions, and does not stop the spread of these conditions to other
people. Topical acyclovir comes as a cream and an ointment to apply to the skin.
Acyclovir cream is usually applied five times a day for 4 days. Acyclovir cream
may be applied at any time during a cold sore outbreak, but it works best when
it is applied at the very beginning of a cold sore outbreak, when there is
tingling, redness, itching, or a bump but the cold sore has not yet formed.

Acyclovir ointment is usually applied six times a day (usually 3 hours apart)
for 7 days. It is best to begin using acyclovir ointment as soon as possible
after you experience the first symptoms of infection. Follow the directions on
your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain
any part you do not understand. Use topical acyclovir exactly as directed. Do
not use more or less of it or use it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

Your symptoms should improve during your treatment with topical acyclovir. If
your symptoms do not improve or if they get worse, call your doctor. Acyclovir
cream and ointment are for use only on the skin. Do not let acyclovir cream or
ointment get into your eyes, or inside your mouth or nose, and do not swallow
the medication. Acyclovir cream should only be applied to skin where a cold sore
has formed or seems likely to form.

Do not apply acyclovir cream to any unaffected skin, or to genital herpes sores.

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